My Chemical Romance ♥ 2001-FOREVER ∞ #wewillcarryon #itsnotabanditsanidea

My Chemical Romance ♥ 2001-FOREVER ∞ #wewillcarryon #itsnotabanditsanidea


Let Us Play With Your Look with Bryan Cranston [x]

Bryan Cranston + gold lipstick = flawless

Work it

Merp •3•

Merp •3•

The One Where Mikey’s an asshole and makes Gerard embaress himself.


While roaming the streets of New York, A cute boy Gerard labels ‘Hulk’ becomes subject in a bet Mikey places on Gerard and Gerard curses younger brothers.

I Curse All Awkward Brothers

“Why do you think Spider-Man would when in a fight?” I asked insidiously because who puts money on Spider-Weenie winning against the fucking Hulk!?“He would just tie the Hulk up.”“The Hulk…

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Omg lol

Wow this is so inspiring..love this guy lol<3